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What Is Minds Matter DC?

Minds Matter DC is in partnership with the Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library of Howard University. This event is supported by funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health under cooperative agreement number UG4LM013729 at the University of Iowa, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.

The event includes a 1-day virtual workshop with a series of six mental health-related virtual sessions and the execution of a targeted social media strategy to educate and empower African-American women on mental health.

Virtual Schedule

Saturday February 26th @ 11am

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Show Opening

Opening Remarks Virtual Porcha Johnson
  • Porcha Johnson
    Porcha Johnson
    Executive Director | BGH Foundation

The live event kicks off with opening remarks from the Black Girl Health Foundation Executive Director Porcha Johnson.

Workshop 1

Flex and Flow Yoga Retreat Virtual Sherrell Tucker Moore
  • Sherrell Tucker Moore
    Sherrell Tucker Moore
    Owner, MindBody FAITH

A yoga session that focuses on healing naturally through an interactive exercise. Apart from the actual yoga instructional session, we will also share critical information about Yoga and its benefits, to include resources such as: https:// and patientinstructions/000876.htm

Workshop 2

Techniques for Anxiety Relief Virtual Montrella Cowan
  • Montrella Cowan
    Montrella Cowan
    Founder and CEO of Affinity Health Affairs

This workshop will discuss common causes of anxiety, as well as causes of anxiety specific to African American women. This workshop will provide techniquest that participants can use to de-escalate anxiety in the moment.

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Workshop 3

STUDENT PANEL: How It Started. How It’s Going. Virtual Multiple Panelists
  • Danyelle Mcmillan
    Danyelle Mcmillan
    Graduate Student
  • Breana Turner
    Breana Turner
    Founder | Sisters With Ambition
  • Ashley D. Koranteng, MPH
    Ashley D. Koranteng, MPH
    Health Specialist | Manassas Park City Schools

A mental health student panel discussion on maintaining mental health while adjusting to life on campus after returning to the new normal. The impact that it has had on campus life, as well as academics. Topics to include diversity, stress, stress management, and career outcomes. 

Workshop 4

Move For The Mind Virtual Amber Arrington
  • Amber Arrington
    Amber Arrington
    Fitness Instructor

A fitness session that focuses on using body movement to reduce stress and improve strength and flexibility. We will also share critical information about the benefits of using fitness to improve mental health.

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Workshop 5

Making Meaningful Changes That Last Virtual Dr. Marcea Whitaker
  • Dr. Marcea Whitaker
    Dr. Marcea Whitaker

Our worlds may be changing faster than we can keep up with. It might be hard to focus on mental and physical health consistently. This workshop will speak to how to make realistic, long-lasting healthy changes to improve mental health.

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Workshop 6

Breastfeeding Boosts Virtual Chanelle Andrews
  • Chanelle Andrews
    Chanelle Andrews
    Lactation Consultant

A workshop discussion that will focus on the benefits of breastfeeding for Black families, how to get off to a good start, and how to maintain a successful breastfeeding journey, as well as how to get help when needed.

About Event Speakers

Larissa Gilmer
Community Engagement Manager | All Of Us Research
Sherrell Moore Tucker
Owner | MindBody FAITH
Breana Turner
Founder | Sisters With Ambition
Chanelle Andrews
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Amber Arrington
Fitness Instructor
Ashley D. Koranteng, MPH
Division Health Specialist for Manassas Park City Schools
Danyelle McMillan
Graduate Student | Healthcare Management
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