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About Minds Matter Houston

The LIVE-streamed event airs on Black Girl Health Foundation's FB Page and is designed to help you take control of your mental health. About this Event Black Girl Health Foundation (BGHF) partnered with the National Network of Library of Medicine Southcentral Region to present "Minds Matter Houston".

Minds Matter Houston is part of BGHF’s Minds Matter Mental Health Campaign, which is a national campaign that includes digital and traditional grassroots awareness spearheaded by our BGHF College Ambassador Program. The campaign includes a series of mental health related workshops at community libraries in various cities in the country. Minds Matter Workshop Series has already taken place virtually and in-person in Harrisburg, PA and New Orleans, LA. BGHF will continue the workshop campaign series with Minds Matter Houston March 13th 2021. Due to the impact of COVID-19 this campaign will be entirely digital. The campaign includes the 1-day virtual event with a series of mental health related virtual workshops, and the execution of a targeted social media strategy to educate African American women on mental health.

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Opening Session

Opening Remarks Virtual Multiple Speakers
  • Porcha Johnson
    Porcha Johnson
    Executive Director | BGH Foundation

The live event kicks off with opening remarks from the Black Girl Health Foundation Executive Director Porcha Johnson. 

Workshop 1

Faith and Flow Yoga Virtual Sherelle Moore-Tucker
  • Ava Adames
    Ava Adames
    Certified Yoga Instructor

An interactive workshop where you learn how to abide in God during life's most difficult situations using simple tools and techniques like body prayers, spiritual breathing, and Christian meditation for reestablishing your life rhythm.

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Workshop 2

Nourish Your MInd Virtual Joy Diggs

A nutrition workshop where you learn about foods that are beneficial for cognitive health, balancing hormones, and reducing stress.

Workshop 3

Mom's Suffering In Silence Virtual Demetrice Smith
  • Demetrice Smith
    Demetrice Smith
    Certified Nurse Midwife | Family Nurse Practitioner

A workshop on beating infant/maternal mortality; learn how to stay healthy and safe from conception to deliver. Also get tools, tips and resources to fight depression on your journey to motherhood. 

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Workshop 4

Vagina Monologue Virtual Anna J. Lewis
  • Anna J. Lewis
    Anna J. Lewis
    Health Adovcate

Learning about toxic and chemical based feminine products and how to avoid them to help control hormonal stress and uterine and reproductive issues that disproportionately affect black women. This workshop includes giveaways of Reign Sanitary Napkins.

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Workshop 5

Push Beyond Mental Blockage HIIT Workout Virtual Dr. Esther Odamah PHD, MS
  • Dr. Esther Odamah PHD, MS
    Dr. Esther Odamah PHD, MS
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer | Psychologist

An interactive workshop that uses full body exercise to push through mental health struggles and stress and build and tone muscles. 

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Workshop 6

Black Girl Therapy Virtual Caren Cooper, Ed.D.
  • Caren Cooper, Ed.D.
    Caren Cooper, Ed.D.
    Licensed Professional Counselor | Certified Perinatal Mental Health Therapist

This workshop helps break down the stigma and fears that prevent black women from getting mental health treatment. Women will get guidance on how to beat depression naturally through coping mechanisms for racial trauma, depression, pandemic, family and relationships, and injustice. 

Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is Virtual Nicole Brame
  • Candice Johnson, RN/BSN, Reiki Master
    Candice Johnson, RN/BSN, Reiki Master
    Owner | Dotted i Financial

A workshop that helps you prevent and overcome financial stress, so that you can be profitable in a new virtual workforce.

Restoring Your Mind With Yoga Virtual Dr. Latora Grant
  • Dr. Latora Grant
    Dr. Latora Grant
    Owner | Eclipse Health Consultants

An interactive introductory yoga workshop you will learn how to heal your mind and body as well as build both physical and mental strength with this introductory yoga course.

About Event Speakers

Joy Diggs
Personal Trainer | Dietitian | Certified Weight Loss Specialist
Dr. Latora Grant
Owner | Eclipse Health Consultants
Sherell Tucker-Moore
Owner | MindBody FAITH
Dr. Esther Odamah PHD, MS
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer | Psychologist
Nicole Brame
Owner | Dotted i Financial
Demetrice Smith
Certified Nurse Midwife
Caren Cooper, Ed.D.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Anna J. Lewis
Health Advocate

Founder | Black Girl Health Foundation, Inc.

About Event Organizer

Black Girl Health Foundation, Inc is a non-profit 501c3 that creates pathways to improve the health of black women and girls through education, engagement, and empowerment. 

The foundation connects with women of color through its College Ambassador Program implemented at educational institutions and communities in the northeastern region. The program helps students and women in the surrounding communities adopt healthier behaviors through through nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention education.

The non-profit furthers its health impact on women and girls of color by partnering with Black Girl Health, LLC for is annual  National Kickstart Health & Wellness Program; which includes an entire day of interactive workshops by renown health experts, doctors, health screenings, and fitness trainers to motivate women to take control of their health and give them resources to make informed decisions. 

Funded under cooperative agreement number UG4LM012345 with the University of North Texas Health Science Center – Gibson D. Lewis Library, and awarded by the DHHS, NIH, National Library of Medicine.

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